Who shoud lead the church?

Dear colleagues in ministry,

Good Friday morning.

I send you, as fellow pastors, an article for your thoughts.  I am not sending this to church chairs or “lay people.”

Who Should Lead the Church

The article challenges much of church thinking about leadership, and while I do not agree with some of what the author says, I also acknowledge that there is much truth in what he writes. It may challenge our thinking and even make us feel uneasy.

My wife Karen’s childhood church, “Bethany Lutheran Church,” is in the midst of debating on whether or not to leave the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada, due to the initiatives of the denominations leadership to both bless same sex unions and ordain practicing homosexuals. The lay people have it right. They know their scriptures, and remember what their leaders have taught through the years. Now, their leaders tell a different story, and the people are not buying it. (compare this to the article I circulated on the, “7 deadly sins of the dying church.”  (Note – not all Lutherans have accepted this - http://www.lutheranchurch.ca/marriage.php?s=elcic )

Karen’s grandfather planted Bethany Lutheran Church. He was a church planter, and gladly sacrificed for the sake of the gospel, much like our EFCC pioneers. Too bad that the denomination has now lost its way, and, rather than reflecting Christ to our society, simply mirrors society back to itself.

May God guide our steps. May we value our foundation in the Word, and may we be Christ-centred, passionate and relevant in our ministry.

God bless,


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