Revising Statement of Faith

A very strong affirmation was given to both the revised Statement of faith and the process for implementation (see below).  These changes need to take place in 2009.  Now is the time to change your church’s constitution or by laws.  We are able to give you specific information to help your particular church and situation.

In general, for those churches who have the previous Statement in their constitution, you need to add another article to your constitution which is titled different than the previous statement.  In other words, the Victoria Societies office is looking for contradictions; the new statement of faith does not contradict the old one, so to have one article titled ‘Statement of Faith’ and another titled ‘Confession of Faith’ in this context is not conflicting.

For those churches who have the previous statement of faith in their by-laws, you need to re-write your by-laws by taking out the old statement and putting in the new one.  This is a simple process, but must be sent in to be officially on file in the Victoria Societies office.

Our office has been in contact with the Victoria Societies Office.  Please contact us for information and help on changing your constitution and by-laws.

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith Revision Implementation Process

Proposed Bylaw change

Societies’ Act

Maintaining Your BC Society

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