Our Purpose

By God’s grace, we are committed to encourage and resource our growing family of churches to reflect Jesus Christ.

We encourage by:

  • Serving the local church.
  • Providing a “pastor to pastors”.
  • Encouraging your church towards health and mission fulfillment.
  • Coming alongside your church in times of celebration and need.

We resource by:

  • Counsel and consultation for a variety of church situations.
  • Church assessment tools such as Natural Church Development and Church Life Cycles.
  • Revisioning and renewal resources.
  • Referrals to outsources of help in the wider church community.
  • Personnel and resources for conflict resolution.
  • Ministerial fellowship and ongoing learning resources.
  • Assistance in pastoral placement.
  • Ministerial Credentialing.
  • Counsel, resources and funding for church expansion and planting.
  • Networking, fellowship and ministry resource sharing with our family of churches.
  • Grants and resources for church planting and ministry expansion.

We recognize that all we do is by God’s grace. It is by this alone that He has called us to His family and service and can work through us.

We are part of a larger family, the Evangelical Free Church of Canada. We are one of six districts in Canada, each with it’s own region and flavour but each joined by the common vision, distinctives and bond in Christ with the EFCC family.

For more information on the EFCC, click here.


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